Independent valuation of the assets in the portfolio is part of the AIFMD Directive. RiskConcile will provide an independent valuation of both the price and the pricing model that is used.

Acting as an external valuer, we provide the required input to administrators, auditors, valuation committees and boards for the valuation process.

Banks can not hide anymore behind the valuation they receive from their counterparties for their structured products.

We help them to get in line with the demand of their regulators.

Wim Schoutens
Head of Research

RiskConcile, through its market practitioner’s and academic background, is well placed to provide fund managers, plan sponsors, endowments, investors, board members, administrators and other stakeholders with INDEPENDENT VALUATION of complex or illiquid products. Portfolio valuations are delivered monthly, weekly or daily as required by the client. 

RiskConcile thereby offers full transparency into both the pricing models and inputs used for the computation:

  • Independent fair value computation of custom-built OTC derivatives, complex loan products, hard to value assets.
  • Valuations for illiquid, less frequently traded securities.
  • Challenging “sell-side counterparty” valuations, often the sole pricing source for fully customised products.
  • Valuations for illiquid, less frequently traded securities.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest, valuation subjectivity.
  • Cloud based access through personal log-in.

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