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Unravelling SFDR Reporting

Simplifying and keeping pace with the challenging, complex matrix that makes up the sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR) reporting compliance. RiskConcile has a beginning-to-end solution to make it simple, enabling your organization to navigate easily through all facets of SFDR regulatory obligations.

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The Sustainability Finance Disclosure Regulation

The Challenge of SFDR Compliance

Details of the requirements for sustainability-related products are stipulated in what is referred to as the Sustainability Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

The regulation aims to impose a legal requirement on financial market participants to furnish information regarding the rationale behind the sustainability of their products and the means by which they manage risks related to sustainability. SFDR compliance sees firms navigating a complex sustainability disclosure landscape. One that makes the task of ensuring compliance very difficult to perform. They can often find themselves needing to ensure consistent SFDR disclosures across sub-funds in the same way as between different types of SFDR disclosures (pre-contractual, periodic, website). Besides, the alignment of the European ESG Template (EET) and SFDR disclosures is another demanding task. In addition, organizations must also manage effectively the substantial growth in the number of pages added to fund prospectuses or annual reports, some of which have expanded to nearly a thousand pages. Another element of complexity involves understanding the significance referred to newly introduced concepts and terminology.

SFDR disclosures

RiskConcile's SFDR Reporting Solution

RiskConcile brings sense to the complex world. Our solution automates data centralization, manages complex calculations and streamlines the production of SFDR disclosures for full adherence to the requirements under SFDR.

We provide the best solution for the optimal production of SFDR pre-contractual periodic and website disclosure documents, with as much use as possible of translation services and online hosting. Such documents need to retain dynamism, as well as maintain consistency on both self-world and between each other, as well as coordinate with the European ESG Template (EET). It is a very dynamic and user-friendly tool for handling massive volumes of documents while remaining consistent and compliant to EET standards. Your company can license out the solution as Managed Services or SaaS. These outputs are available through our friendly client portal in the cloud, which gives you hassle-free compliance experiences.

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RiskConcile's SFDR Reporting Solution

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