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Private Equity Reporting

Easing the Complexity of Private Equity Fund Reporting

The world of private equity fund reporting is filled with complexities. At RiskConcile, we provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies these challenges, ensuring smooth, compliant operations for your private equity funds.

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Tailored portfolio management system

Making Private Equity Reporting Easier

Private equity fund reporting is notably more intricate than standard mutual fund reporting, which typically falls under the well-established UCITS framework.

Private equity funds often deal with unlisted, illiquid assets that are challenging to value. Additionally, fund managers must navigate complex risk management requirements and handle the capital commitments from investors. These investors, in turn, expect detailed, customized reporting on risk and profit/loss aspects from the fund management. Leveraging RiskConcile’s deep experience in the private equity sector, we can efficiently implement a portfolio management system tailored to the unique needs of private equity funds.

Tailored portfolio management system

A Customized Approach for Unique Challenges

Private equity funds that attract retail investment, including funds from family offices, employees, or high-net-worth individuals, face additional challenges.

These non-professional investors necessitate the provision of a Key Information Document (KID), adding another layer to the reporting requirements. RiskConcile is well-equipped to handle these specific needs, ensuring comprehensive and compliant reporting for all investor types.

Our solution includes a comprehensive KID construction model, tailored to meet the unique needs of the private equity sector and ensure regulatory compliance. For more details on our PRIIPs KID solution, please continue reading here.