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Tackling PRIIPs compliance can often feel like solving a complex puzzle. RiskConcile introduces a comprehensive solution that simplifies this process, ensuring your organization meets all PRIIPs regulatory requirements with ease.

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Establishing a 'single source of truth'

PRIIPs Compliance Challenges

Dealing with PRIIPs (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products) compliance can be tricky and prone to errors. A key part of this compliance is producing Key Information Documents (KIDs) for retail investors. This involves handling various elements such as product-specific data, cost structures, and calculations.

A major hurdle in PRIIPs compliance is establishing a 'single source of truth' – a centralized data repository. Without this, inconsistencies can lead to errors in documents, compliance issues, and distribution challenges.

Asset managers, legal professionals, and fund administrators face the intricate task of ensuring that PRIIP KIDs are current, accurate, and reach the intended audience. The complexity of PRIIPs compliance often raises concerns about the accuracy of documents, adherence to compliance, and effective distribution. Moreover, the need for monthly updates and translations introduces further complexity.

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The Future of PRIIPs Compliance


PRIIPs Calculation service

PRIIPS Calculations done right

If you only require PRIIPs calculations, then RiskConcile can deliver this to you in the form of our PRIIPs Calculation service. Being purpose-built, it is perfect for firms who want accurate, regulatory-calibrated calculations but without needing the full suite of compliance tools.

Being purpose-built, it is perfect for firms who want accurate, regulatory-calibrated calculations but without needing the full suite of compliance tools. This service is easily integrated with your existing systems and is callable via API (Scenarios, SR(R)I, Performance fees, VaR-Equivalent Volatility (VEV), Reduction in Yield (RIY)…), which enables the exact processing required for generating metrics demanded under PRIIPs compliance to be both efficient and timely. 

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We know MOPs

Multi-Option Products (MOPs) hold a special place among the challenges and complexities in the world of PRIIPS compliance.

At RiskConcile, we know MOPs. Through our dedicated MOPs solution we can easily navigate on your behalf these complex undertakings for PRIIPs' compliance, especially with these unique requirements as it pertains to MOPs and PRIIPs. Consider RiskConcile as your choice provider of expertise in MOPs. We assure you proper reflection of the multidimensional details that describe MOPs in your PRIIPs KIDs to satisfactory regulatory standards.

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