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Fund Monitoring

Revolutionizing Fund Operations and Risk

Efficient data warehousing offers advantages in regulatory compliance, scalability, cost reduction, and decision-making. Our expertise in fund operations and technology supports data warehousing and automated fund monitoring.

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Our all-in-one solution: FundStudio

FundStudio brilliantly tackles the complexities of fund monitoring with its integrated solutions for Risk Data Warehousing, Market Risk Calculations, and Automated Reporting and Dashboarding.

It streamlines Risk Data Warehousing by consolidating a variety of data sources into one coherent system, thereby minimizing fragmentation and improving accuracy. Utilizing the latest algorithms and data handling techniques, FundStudio provides a precise but flexible market risk calculation tool. In the realm of Automated Reporting and Dashboarding, it translates complex data sets into clear, actionable insights, presented through user-friendly interfaces. This holistic approach not only simplifies the fund monitoring process but also enables funds to operate more efficiently and stay compliant with regulatory standards.

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FundStudio: streamlining your every need

FundStudio for Risk data warehousing

A comprehensive risk data warehouse

Data Processing and Consolidation

Automation for Efficiency

Seamless Integration

Tailored Pre-Processing

Fundstudio for Risk Calculations

Market Risk Metrics Analysis

Flexibility and Customization

Stress Testing Frameworks

Univariate Stress Testing

Predictive Stress Testing

Liquidity stress testing Frameworks

VaR Model Accuracy Tracking

FundStudio for Dashboarding

Dashboarding module

Fund Risk-Reward Metrics

In-Depth Asset Movement Tracking

Detailed Exposure and Attribution Calculations

Ex-Post Trade Analysis

Customized Reporting Capabilities