Sustainable Finance

6 years after the Paris Agreement and the adoption of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, Europe is publishing new ESG regulations at a speed never seen before. The current Covid-19 pandemic has only strengthened the belief that the future should be green. 

Private capital needs to be mobilised to finance the transition to a more sustainable world and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), Taxonomy Regulation and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive aim to provide more transparency to investors on the ESG ambition and ESG performance of financial products.

RiskConcile develops ESG technology to assist the sector in coping with the new regulatory requirements as well as gaining more insights in the ESG performance of their product.

Areas of expertise

Adverse Impact

Periodic KPI reporting required by the SFDR.

CO2 Optimisation

Calculate and optimise the carbon dioxide exposure of your portfolio

SFDR/Taxonomy Reporting

Precontractual and Periodic reporting for Art. 8/9 financial products

Sustainability Risks

Monitor the sustainability risks of your products and portfolios.

Supply Chain and Scope 3

Understand your supply chain and calculate your Scope 3 emissions

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The ESAs have listened, but their hands are tied

A detailed discussion of the draft SFDR Regulatory Technical Standards published in February 2021 by the European Supervisory Authorities. 

March 2021

climate quants

Climate Quants

A new type of quantitative analyst will be needed by financial institutions . We are going to observe the rise of “Climate Quants”.

May 2020

This time it's different

Following the Green Deal of the newly appointed European Commission, an avalanche of new rules and directives is coming your way.

April 2020