Risk reporting

Thanks to the Tableau reporting built by RiskConcile, our sales-team understands what happens in the portfolio without having to bother the traders.   

Anonymous Hedge Fund Client


Risk reporting is as important as the calculation of risk metrics. A well set up system allows all stakeholders within the asset management organisation to have a clear view on the fund positioning.
We will work with and for you to build next generation risk dashboards. These centralized reporting tools are mapped directly into your portfolio management system. Our data-scientists have their roots in trading and understanding risk. They are all experienced portfolio managers, traders and risk managers. RiskConcile’s specialists understand the inner workings of a wide range of asset classes.

RiskConcile will design and deploy risk reporting tools empowering everyone to discover, visualize and understand the drivers behind the financial performance of their investment universe.

RiskConcile has a broad experience with integrating risk management systems with Tableau.