Risk Reporting & Monitoring

A framework offering a consolidated view of all
key risk factors across all portfolios versus the respective guidelines.


Starting from our cloud-based solution we inform the managers of the fund on a daily basis on different risk measures : market risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk and leverage risk. Each of the measures is checked against a pre-defined set of internal or regulatory guidelines.


Through our cloud-based portal, the client has access to a wide range of available dashboards. In these dashboards the outcome of the risk calculations can be sliced and diced in several dimensions.

P/L Attribution

Profit and loss (P/L) is an important measure illustrating how well an individual trader or fund is doing . P/L Attribution is a vital part of the risk control architecture of any trading business. Slicing an dicing the performance of the fund across different dimensions (time, geography, sector, size …) reveals valuable insights.