Transaction cost analytics

Mastering Cost Calculations

The PRIIPs regulation has brought transaction cost analysis to everybody's attention. RiskConcile's TCALab provides a disciplined approach to the calculation of both explicit and implicit transaction costs of funds.

Cost Precision Mastery

Transaction Cost Calculation

The calculation of transaction costs is a challenging pillar of the PRIIPs regulation. The slippage method requires the retrieval of intraday market prices for all the transactions over a three-year horizon.

RiskConcile's TCALab can accurately and quickly handle these complex calculations and arrival price retrieval. During the onboarding of TCALab, we bring our data model in line with what our client has to offer. We adapt to the client, not vice versa. The model ensures that TCALab is ascertained with a robust connection to a data vendor who sources the arrival prices. After this, the transaction cost is computed very precisely for each of the trades and subsequently, it gets aggregated at the portfolio level as per the concerned regulations (both UK and EU). RiskConcile provides both the Slippage method and New PRIIPs type of transaction cost calculation. The Slippage method calculates the difference between the arrival and execution price of a transaction. The New PRIIPs calculation method provides an estimate of the implicit costs by considering a half-spread of each asset class.

Transforming Transactions

How TCALab Works

TCALab serves as a comprehensive platform for calculating your PRIIPs transaction costs, ensuring adherence to the PRIIPs Regulation.

Trade File

Data Enrichment



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Elevate Financial Precision with TCALab

Your Partner in Precision

At RiskConcile, we place the utmost importance on precision in financial calculations.

Our specialized solution, TCALab, is carefully developed to assist you in accurately calculating transaction costs, PRIIPs metrics, and other vital financial indicators. Choosing RiskConcile means partnering with a dedicated ally committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and transparency in your financial evaluations.

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