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The European ESG Template (EET), crafted by FinDatEx, is a pivotal tool for streamlining data exchanges among product manufacturers, distributors, and stakeholders, aligning with SFDR compliance. This Excel-based template, encompassing over 600 columns with mandatory, optional, and conditional fields, presents a significant challenge in management, particularly when dealing with a large array of products. The complexity of this Excel table necessitates a technological approach for effective EET data handling and distribution within the financial sector. Moreover, it's crucial to have a tool that ensures ongoing consistency with current SFDR disclosures.

Streamlined EET Solutions

RiskConcile's EET Solution

RiskConcile has developed a comprehensive EET solution that adeptly manages both EET and SFDR disclosures.

Our shared database system guarantees consistent data across both platforms. Our tool is equipped with an extensive range of consistency and integrity checks, closely aligned with the FinDatEx template, particularly for EET. It quickly identifies and flags inconsistencies through an intuitive interface, facilitating easy comparison of EET disclosures across various products and timeframes. To enhance efficiency, we've incorporated direct links to pertinent regulations and guidance, aiding users in effectively fulfilling EET requirements. We offer versatile options to meet your organization's needs, including Managed Service, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or API integration for calculations. Access to these outputs is streamlined through our user-friendly cloud-based client portal, ensuring a smooth compliance process.

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