PriipsLab Hosts Your Calculations

With the PRIIPs regulation finalized, there’s only little time left to implement the new KID document. This document requires a risk analysis containing a synthetic risk indicator (SRI) based on market and credit risk for investment products. We developed PriipsLab in order to facilitate and automate the risk calculations for PRIIPS belonging to all the different categories.

PriipsLab is a web-based calculation engine facilitating the user to structure and define PRIIPs, manage your datasources and offers transparency of the various risk indicators defined in the regulatory requirements.

Category III

This category of instruments is without any doubt the most complex component of the PRIIPs regulation. Investors have to deal with instruments with embedded structured products. Some of these instrument can be very complex: path-dependent, multi-asset, …

PriipsLab contains an extensive set of templates covering a wide range of structured products.

Calculated payoff profile of category III PRIIP

PriipsLab Dashboard



Our calculation engine is flexibile. For complex products requiring a heavy workload, the dedicated processing power will be automatically scaled-upwards. The Monte Carlo simulations driving the category III -calculations can easily process instruments containing exotic embedded derivatives.


All of our clients receive their own dedicated database and calculation servers.

Instrument Set-Up

For most of the Category III instrument we have a template and a graphical user-interface. Users only have to enter the characteristics of the instruments: issue date, maturity date, call dates, strike-reset, etc… The PriipsLab calculation engine takes care of the rest.

In the absence of a user interface our proprietary scripting language will still take care of the job.

Set up your own Category III PRIIP


PriipsLab can be accessed from your computer, Ipad and even your smartphone. All of the calculations can be scheduled so that every day you have a full report of all the PRIIPS in your scope with the most recent risk-scores and scenarios.

Audit of the SRI

PriipsLab is more than just a fast calculation engine. It also stores the results of the previous calculations. As a consequence the user can access the log of the previous calculations and will automatically be informed whenever a particular PRIIP has been assigned a lower or higher risk score.


PriipsLab is not a data-vendor it is a calculation engine. It is a fast and secure number cruncher analyzing complex financial instruments.

Looking under the hood

The technical standards require for each of the instruments of Category III an extensive Monte Carlo Simulation of at least 10.000 runs. PriipsLab offers full transparency into each of these Monte Carlo runs. Every path has a corresponding cashflow. Doing so the user has a perfect understanding of the instrument that was defined, the cashflows generated, the scenario’s, …

Monte Carlo Path Visualization