RiskConcile’s AIFMD solution manages the Annex IV workflow from A to Z. 

We created a robust and transparent process delivering both a top-down and a detailed bottom-up view on your AIFM and AIF reports.

Our AIFMD solution puts the client in a comfortable driving seat.

Jan De Spiegeleer
CEO RiskConcile

AIFMD Workflow

“EU and non-EU asset management firms may have been confronted with something called the Annex IV report. If you are a US based fund manager you may not even have come across the term yet or know why it is extremely relevant. Complicating the matter even further is an alphabet soup of regulatory abbreviations embedded in the report. AIFMD reporting is not at all rocket-science but it is complex. Our tool makes it simple, cheap and robust.

Request a log-on to our portal and get your AIFMD reports generated in both XML and XLS formats for all your AIF(M)s.